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Floating is a practice in which you enter into a sensory reduced environment created by a float room. The tank holds 10 inches of water that is super saturated with 1000 pounds of epsom salts, creating a very dense solution. The solution allows the the body to float with 0 effort due to the minimized force of gravity. The water is heated and maintained at the same temperature of the surface of your skin, eliminating temperature variations. With external sensory input at a minimum, our bodies have a profound relaxation response. The flotation tank and its sensory reduced environment acts as an amazing tool to facilitate deep states of mediation in both beginners and experienced meditators.




The flotation tank was invented in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly (Neuroscientist) while working for the institute of mental health. Float rooms were formerly named "sensory deprivation tanks," and "isolation tanks." flotation therapy is based on a scientific approach to the deepest form of relaxation (R.E.S.T.). R.E.S.T. was developed by the National Institute of Mental Health. Essentially, floating enables you to achieve the elusive 'Theta' brain wave state. It is a state much deeper than natural sleep and very hard to achieve.




What are the Benefits?

The ability to bring ones attention to the present moment can be very enlightening. Suppressed feelings may arise and be recognized, lost memories recalled, re-lived and re-processed, spontaneous creative insights and problem-solving capabilities are increased, out of body experiences, and perceived sensations of oneness or wholeness are possible. Most commonly known as floatation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique), floating is backed by scientific research and may be just the tool you were looking for to reach personal growth and healing.


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